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May 20, 2013
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Fem!Reader x Emily x Rosa-Wishes DO come true! (Fem!America and Fem!England)

You're in your room reading yuri fanfics about your two favourite Nyotalia characters, Fem!America and Fem!England, while fingering yourself. You're imagining what it would be like if they were real and wishing they'd do dirty things to you. "Why do they have to be fictional?! They're so hot and I want to be in a threesome with them!" You're close to climax, when suddenly the door knocks. You grumble to yourself about not being able to release. You get up from your computer chair and go to answer the door.

When you open it, you see a big cardboard box just sitting there. "I didn't order anything..." You say, warilly. You drag it in to your living room, it's extremely heavy. But you managed somehow. You decide to open it. There's a note on the box. You read it and it says: "We heard you making a wish and you'll be pleased with what's inside of this box. Don't worry about who I am and I'm not a stalker! Have fun and they're all yours~ -Anonymous" "Huh...That's...strange...Could it be that inside this box is Emily and Rosa?...Hah! No, it can't be! They're fictional!" You say, laughing...But sad that you've reminded yourself about them not being real. You shrug and open the box. What you see, shocks you and you fall backwards in your shock. "It's them!!! It's really them! How the hell did this happen?! Who was that person who left me the note? Whoever you are...Godly person or whatever!..Thank you for granting me my wish!" Emily and Rosa were asleep. Rosa's wearing a red jacket, white blouse, black tie, red, pleated tartan skirt, black, long socks and brown shoes. While Emily is wearing an American flag bikini. You blush wildly, feeling wet again. "No wonder the box was heavy...Even if they're both slim, like me..." They start to stir in their sleep, which makes you nervous and excited at the same time. Rosa speaks first. "Where are we...? And why am I in a box?" She looks a little pissed off. "Why am I only in a bikini?...It is cute, though!" "U-umm...Hi! I don't know how you ended up here...But you're in my house and I saw a box sitting outside my I took it in. Well,...I actually dragged it inside, but...I'm just as confused as you are...I'm ___ ___!" Rosa's expression softens a little. "Oh, where are my manners? I'm Rosa Kirkland and this is Emily Jones! A Pleasure to make your accquaitence, ___." She gets out of the box and shakes your hand. Emily also gets out and glomps you. "Yeah, it's awesome to meet you!" "Nice to meet you both as well!" You say cheerfully, but can't help the heat that's in between your thighs. "I guess you'll be staying here for now!" "Unless you know a way to get us home..." " do I explain this...You're  fictional characters, from Nyotalia. Hetalia is the name of the anime, but you're in fanfics and fanart and are the genderbent versions of the Hetalia characters...But I still don't know how the hell you ended up here!...Sorry..." You have the expression of a child being told off for eating all the cookies. "...So, you're telling us that we're not real?" "Yes..." "Oh well! We're here aren't we? So it doesn't matter, right? We can just stay at your place!" Emily says gleefully. "...I guess you're right. You don't mind, do you?" "Of course not! You have no where else to go and I have a spare bedroom. There's a single bed in there and a futon! There's also a cudboard with blankets in there!" "Last one gets the futon!" Emily says hyperactively, running upstairs to go to the spare room. You told them where it was. Rosa just rolls her eyes, not really caring where she sleeps. "Thank you, ___." She smiles a little, before walking upstairs, after Emily. You go up there to make sure they're alright. Emily is rolling on the bed. There was already a cover on it. And Rosa is laying blankets out on the futon. "This bed is so soft~!" Emily says excitedly, giggling. She glomps you for the 2nd time today. "You rock, ___!" You're still blushing, since she's only in a bikini. But you hug back this time. "It really isn't a problem! I'll let you get settled in!" You tell them where everything is and where all the rooms are. They thank you, again, as you go back to your room. You shut the door and continue reading the fanfictions.

It's been a month since they arrived at your house. You've all become close and you went out shopping and bought them some new clothes, hoping they'd fit and they did. You've fallen for them, for real this time.

You're sitting in your room, reading fanfics about them, again. Little do you know, they're behind you, slowly creeping up to you. Rosa is on the left and Emily is on the right. You're so engrossed in what you're reading, you still don't notice them. That is, until Rosa speaks up. "So...This is how you feel about us, love?" She leans down, licking the shell of your ear. You jump in surprise, but also moan a little, face flushed. "N-no! You've got it all wrong! I'm not a some pervert!" "Don't deny it, babe~! You were so into it! We don't mind, y'know~!" She licks the shell of your other ear. You moan, again, now a little wet. They spin your chair around and both grab one of your hands, leading you over to the bed. Your bed is a double bed. They push you on to it, stripping out of their clothes, slowly and enticingly. You're getting more and more wet from their actions. You're looking at their beautiful, nude bodies. Wanting to run your hands up and down them and pleasure them. "Now it's your turn, dear~" Rosa says seductively. You kneel on the bed, removing your (Favourite band/anime) top and slowly unclasping your bra. They lick their lips in lust and want. You lay on your back and remove your socks, jeans and knickers, slowly. Once you've finished stripping, Emily pounces you. She's groping your breasts and kissing you with tongue. You kiss back, fondling her breasts as well. Rosa gets on to the bed next and her head is in between your legs. She spreads them wide and starts sucking at your throbbing clitoris, while slipping her tongue inside of you. Emily moves her womanhood towards your mouth, sitting on your face, while she leans over to finger Rosa. You lick Emily's womanhood in hunger and desire. You all do this for about 15 minutes, until you all cum at the same time, moaning and lapping up eachother's juices. Emily licking her fingers in delight, after she removed them from Rosa's core. Rosa removing her tongue from within you and you remove your tongue from Emily's core. She gets off of you, laying the right side of you, while Rosa lays on the left side of you. They have their arms wrapped around you protectively and you're all laying under the covers now. "I love you, ___..." Rosa says, softly. "I also love you!" Emily pipes in afterwards. "I love you both as well!" You say, sweetly. You all kiss, then fall asleep.

~Next morning~

You all wake up, smiling at each other. "So...Does this make us girlfriend's now?" Emily asks with a smile. "Yes...I believe it does." Rosa replies, thoughtfuly. "That's awesome!" Emily says, happily. "Yeah, it is!" You finally pipe in, happier than you've ever been.
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