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Submitted on
September 20, 2013
Mature Content


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(Contains: sexual themes)

Fem!Prussia x Depressed Fem!Reader-Good things come to those who wait. (Lemon/Lime) (For a good friend!)




-Warning, sexual content and sensitive material-




There's a girl. A very beautifu girl. Sitting on a park bench, all on her own. That girl is you. You have had depression for as long as you can remember and a lot of people have come and gone. Your life is like an on-going raincloud. It just won't stop raining.




Sigh. "I wish there was something I could do...I'm sick of feeling this way and I'm sick of people leaving me! Am I that much of a burden to them? Will anybody help me? ...No, I guess not. How pathetic. I'm talking to myself, yet again..." The rain pours. Even the sky is sad. "I can't do this anymore...I-I have to end it! I'm never going to be happy and life just isn't for me!" You find a bridge and lean over the edge. Giving the flowing water, at the side a good look. "It looks deep enough to drown in...let's hope this'll work..." "Why vould you vant to drown yourself? Are you some kind of adrenaline junkie? Kesesese~!" You turn around to where you'd heard the voice. And no doubt about it, a beautiful figure stands in front of you. She may be another female...But, she's mesmerising and she looks so unique. She has a scar across her cheek, that, actually adds to how attractive she is. She has unnusual eyes. At the top, they're a light blue and at the bottom, they're pink. She has flowing, white hair and it's jagged. Accompanied with a jagged fringe. She dons a white blouse, with a dark, blue coat. A very short skirt, that hugs her thighs nicely. And thigh length, white, heeled, lacy boots. You find yourself blushing slightly, but shake off any sexual thoughts about her. "It's none of your business..." You turn around again and lean closer to the edge, climbing over the bridge. Strong arms pull you away from it. You're being spun around again, by the said girl. "Don't kill yourself! You're too awesome to die and I've only just met you!" "It's my choice if I want to die! I don't belong in this world!" You begin to weep, violently. "I-it's too much! I-_ can't cope!" She's still hugging you. "...I'm Julchen and I'm going to make you forget about killing yourself!" "But...I don't know you! I know your name...But we've only just met! ...My name's ___...How can you make me forget? It doesn't work that way..." "Oh~! I zink it does~! Come back to mine~! You like za awesome me, ja?" She pulls away and looks you in the eyes. Smirking with a glint of mischief in her eyes. "...Well...You are sexy. But, that doesn't mean anything!" You try and sound as tsundere as possible. Her smirk becomes wider and she has a rape face on her. You get a bad feeling when looking at her rape face. You decide to run.




After hours of chasing you. She finally catches up with you, tackles you, then pulls grabs your hand and takes you back to hers. Your weak protests only making her more eager.




~Back at her lair~




"Hey! West! I brought back a hot girl! Don't mind me!" A tall blonde woman, with short, choppy hair, ice-blue eyes and a big bosom, appears from another room. "Ja, ja...Vhatever...Just try not to make too much noise. I'm vorking on some papers right now..." She gives you a slight smile, before retreating back to the room she came from. "Vell...Let's go to mein awesome room!"





She takes you to her room and locks the door. She pins you to a wall and kisses you, wildly. Her hands pinning your wrists above your head. You kiss back, enjoying yourself immensley. Letting your guard down. She slides her hands under your top, once she lets go of your wrists, while you wrap your arms around her neck. She feels up your bare breasts. You'd forgotten to wear a bra. "Oh, Frau~! No bra? Kesesese~!" She moves her lips to your neck and nibbles the flesh, softly. While squezzing and findling your breasts. Pinching and pullsing the nipples. Your moans echoing throughout the house. "Mmm~...J-Julchen...~" She loves hearing her you say her name. She moves one of her hands to your vital regions. Slipping them past your trousers/skirt. Rubbing your clit through your knickers. Your mewls, becoming more high pitched and going at a faster tempo. She slides two fingers past your dripping entrance and penetrates your vital regions. "AHHH~!" She locates your throbbing core and prods, roughly. Your moans getting louder and louder. The pitch reaching a height, you never thought you'd get to. A knot forms in your stomach. A very, intense, throbbing knot. Heat, spreading across your body. "Julchen...I'm close..." She goes faster. "Scream mein awesome name, ___!" "JULCHEN~!!!" She prods even faster and harder. "A-AH~ JULCHEN~! FUCK~!!!!" Your cum bursts out from your womanhood and the knot, untangling itself within you. Panting and sweating, you look up at Julchen, licking your fluids and smirking. "Tastes aswesome, frau~! I'm wet too...And if you pleasure me....I could pleasure you again~!" "Get ready to be amazed, Julchen~!"





So...The beautiful woman had proved you wrong and made you forget many things that day and everytime you'd become depressed, she'd fuck you into a stupor.



Also, who could resist a woman like her? She even turns straight girls lesbian and gay men, straight. I'm Bisexual, so I didn't have to convert. lol


Same with straight men and lesbian woman. They're in luck too. ;D More on the way~!!!

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Jill-sama Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
I'm bisexual too and it's pleasant to meet people like me! That a wonderful story and I love Nyo Prussia Kesesesese~ ! XD
(So, sorry for my english, I'm french ^^" )
KandyRain Featured By Owner 16 hours ago   Artist
Oh, I don't even know what I am. I wrote these stories ages ago. I don't even label myself, if I like someone, I like them. I don't consider myself bi or anything. Labels don't really define me. lol Haha, yeah, she's awesome. ^^ 

(Your English is very good. Better than some of the native English speakers. Seriously, your English is remarkable, so you have nothing to worry about. ^^))
Otakumarlene Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
*nosebleed* I'm bisexual too and have resently been going thru an identity crisis thanks to my parents and aunt going all against gays and lesbians AND especially bi's
(they don't know)
They been telling me how it's bad and wrong, so that made me feel shitty and things!!!!!
so it's been though, but they can go F*CK THEMSELVES IM BI AND PROUD.
KandyRain Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014   Artist
Oh, I don't even know if I'm bi or not. I just sad that cause that seemed like the only rational explanation. But, I've had an identity crisis all my life, due to many things. Tell your aunt and parents to grow the fuck up and accept that times have changed. Or, just show them they're idiots for condemning others. 

Sorry to sound rude, but I didn't need your life story. lol But, glad to hear that you're proud of who you are, good for you. Some of us have problems with that.
Ally-luvs-HETALIA Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2014  New member
I'm Bi, and I would have never thought I could be w/ Nyo! Prussia till now, and I actually could see it...XD
New Lesbian lover: Fem! Prussia (suk it Hungary)
KandyRain Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014   Artist
Nice. I wrote it a while ago. To be fair, I don't have a label for my sexuality, it's too confusing. xD I don't even know what I am. XD Haha! Sorry, Hungary, Nyo!Prussia may have won this. lol Thanks for the feeddback. ^^
AnimeKitty2014 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014
This was a nice story, good work!
KandyRain Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014   Artist
Thank you! :)
Suicidescreamer1 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Professional Filmographer
IM lesbian and proud to be!
KandyRain Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014   Artist
Good for you. ^^
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