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Submitted on
June 29, 2013
Mature Content


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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)

(This story involves rape and I DO NOT support rape or abuse at all. Character death is also involved and it's quite graphic. So if you don't like it, please grow a common sense, don't read, don't bother commenting and fuck off. Simple as that. Now, for the people who do like fan fiction like this, please enjoy if you've stayed! xD)




A Little Tied Up




It's 6pm and Maddie phoned you up, saying she wanted to meet you at her house. She sounded...dark and her voice wasn't her usual voice, it wasn't as cute or shy sounding. You agree to meet her nontheless, though wary. She's been acting...clingy as of late. She glares at anyone who tries to talk to you and when she's hugging you, she hugs tightly and takes ages to let go. This behaviour scares you quite a bit, even though you love the beautiful, blonde, Canadian girl.


You get there and it's odd because the door is slightly ajar. Maddie usually has it shut. You poke your head in, the mood of the house feels eerie and dangerous. "M-Maddie...where are you?" Your voice echoes through the house. No answer. "...I don't like this...I have a bad feeling. This isn't like Maddie at all...What if something's happened to her...?" You whisper to yourself. You feel a prescence behind you, but before you can turn around to look, you feel a sharp pain in your neck and can feel yourself going limp.


~A few hours later~


You stir awake, you try to rub your eyes, but find that your hands are bound to a chair and so are your legs. Your eyes finally adjusting to the lights in the room. "What the fuck...?" You're struggling against the bonds, but cannot break free. The ropes binding you to the chair, burning your wrists and ankles, causing you to yelp in pain. "tsk, tsk. Naughty ____~!" You look up, to see Maddie in a pink dress, it's thrilly and she has a headband sitting at the top, with white thrills on it and she has little brown boots under the dress, but Kumirie, her little polar bear is nowhere to be seen. "Maddie! Why am I tied to a chair?! What the fuck is going on?!" You say, in slight panic and anger. "You really don't know, eh? I've tied you to this chair, so you wouldn't escape~! I've wanted you for so long and now you're all mine~!" She says possessively, her eyes hold malice, lust and greed. "...But why go this far? If you wanted me you could've just told me so and I would've stayed with you! Maddie, please untie me from this chair! I promise I won't run away!" "You're lying, ___~! You know how much I hate liars~!" She goes over to a table, grabs something, then walks over to you again. She moves it near your face, it's a knife. "If you lie to me again, I'll have to cut your beautiful skin, eh~! I don't want to do that~!" You just nod, she smiles twistedly. "Good girl~!" She takes the knife away from your face and puts it back on the counter. You failed to notice, she's dressed you in a thrilly, red dress that looks good on you. "I can't believe that I failed to notice my outfit..." "It doesn't matter, you look pretty in the dress~! It's a shame I'll have to remove it from you, eh~!" You blush when she says this. She removes her dress and headband, is now wearing a white bikini top and skimpy denim shorts. "I'm going to touch myself infront of you and make you watch~! It's your punishment for making me horny every time I see you~!" She removes her top, that's barely covering anything and rubs one of her breasts, while removing her shorts with the other hand, then sliding it inside her knickers, rubbing her clit, causing clear, sticky fluid to run down her legs. You're extremely wet from watching this and hearing her moans. You try rubbing your clit by rubbing your inner thighs together, trying to thrust your hips on the chair to get more friction. She's moaning your name, rubbing her clit harder, until she cums. The white liquid staining her knickers and flowing down her legs. She wipes some with her finger, brings it to her mouth and licks it. "I wonder what your cum tastes like~!" She gets right in front of you, pulling off your dress. (It's strapless.) You're only in your knickers, your perfectly rounded breasts bare and exposed infront of Maddie's hungry eyes. She smirks, pulling onto your knickers, she pulls them down, untying your ankles, so she can spread your legs. She moves her face between your thighs and pokes her tongue at your clit, making you moan. She moves her whole tongue inside of your entrance, while curling it every now and then against your clit. She starts sucking on it and nipping. You moan wildly, your virgin core being penetrated by her wet and warm tongue. You can't take anymore, it's becoming too much and you're going to release. "MADDIE~!!!!" Your cum filling her mouth, which she happily swallows, then removes her mouth from your womanhood and looks up lustfully at you. "You taste very good, eh~!" You feel tired, but still a little afraid of her. She unties your hands from the chair, takes your hand and leads you over to the bed. Puts covers over you and gets inside with you. "Will you stay with me forever~?" "Y-yes, of course I will!" You start blushing again. "Smart decision...otherwise I would have to kill you and keep your body in a cold room, eh~!"


You were forced to stay with her, after 7 months. She became scarier and much more rough when kissing you. You've decided you're going to try and run away, it's now or never. She's out, leaving you in Kumirie's care. She's a little polar bear, but has sharp teeth and is quite aggressive. She's asleep at the moment. "Now's the time to run..." You lock pick the door with your trusty hairpin, then you quietly and slowly open the door, Kumirie is still asleep. You then walk outside, finally getting some fresh air. You make a run for it.


~1 hour later~


You're finally back in your own home. You lock the door, shut all of the windows and curtains and sit down on your couch. "When she gets home, she'll know I'm gone and she'll look for me. Crap! My house is only an hour away from hers! I have to get out of this town...Otherwise she'll drag me back there and torture me, before killing me!" You pack some of your things. There's a loud banging on your door. "Shit!...It's gotta be her!" You go to the back door, but can't. Kumirie is blocking it. "How the hell did you get in here...?" Oh shit, the cat flap on your back door! You forgot to lock that as well! Your front door then bursts open, revealing Maddie, wearing her usual clothes. Blood stains on them and blood on her face. She's carrying a bloody hockey stick. "There you are, ___~!" She says in a sickly sweet tone, smiling brightly, then it turns in to a frown and her eyes are now filled with darkness. "You ran away from me...I thought you loved me, ___!...No matter~! I'll make sure you never run away from me again, eh~!" She steps closer to you, giggling and her hockey stick is raised above you. "If I can't have you, then no-one can~!" She brings it down on you, bashing your head, knocking you to the floor. But you're still concious. Your head throbbing, blood pouring from it. She kneels down in front of you. "Why did you run...? Why? WHY?! I loved you so much and you just threw it back in my face!" She grabs your hair, pulling it roughly. You glare up at her. "I loved you too, Maddie! But you can't control me! You've changed so much! What happened to the cute, shy and friendly Maddie that I used to know?" "...She's gone." She pulls you up by the hair and slams you in to a wall. Gets in front of you, ripping your clothes off, exposing all of you. "Before I kill you...I'm going to make love to you~!" She fingers your clit so hard it bleeds and she's prodding your entrance roughly, rubbing hard against your g-spot, making you cum all over her fingers involuntary, there's also blood dripping out as well. She licks her fingers, tasting your cum and blood. Then she harshly gropes your breasts, tugging on to your nipples. She brings her mouth down towards them and bites them harshly, cutting them with her teeth, licking and sucking on them. You moan in pain and pleasure, but mostly pain. Then she brings her lips to yours and kisses you roughly, biting your bottom lip making it bleed also. Thrusting her tongue inside of your mouth and biting your tongue, while shoving her tongue down your throat, making you choke a little. She removes her tongue from your mouth. "I love you, ___~!" She beats you senseless with her hockey stick after that and leaves your naked, battered and bruised body for the cops to find.


~A few days later~


Cops find your body, but they never found the killer. One cop managed to find Maddie, but she killed him and his back-up, burning the bodies so there wouldn't be any evidence.



~Extended ending~


((Time to break the fourth wall a bit.)) Me, Author-chan, brings you back to life. You're immortal, now. You find Maddy and torture her. Then, you kill her.


~The End~ (Revenge is best served cold.)

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